How to Win TOTO

Author: Nemanja Lazarevic. Updated: 08 January 2024

TOTO in Singapore began in 1968 when the government introduced it as a legalized form of lottery. Operated by the Singapore Pools, TOTO quickly gained popularity. Players select six numbers from 1 to 49, and the draw takes place every Monday and Thursday. The game has evolved over the years, introducing variations and special draws. TOTO remains a significant part of Singapore's gambling landscape, contributing to social and charitable causes through its proceeds.

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Key Points

  • Mathematically, more numbers enhance your odds, but the cost of playing also increases.
  • While Group TOTO increases chances for smaller prizes, iTOTO provides flexibility, but both are still subject to chance in winning the Jackpot.
  • Playing when the Jackpot prize is below the guaranteed amount can be more attractive from a mathematical perspective.
  • The odds of winning the jackpot in TOTO are about 1 in 14 million.

The Odds of Winning the Jackpot in TOTO

The odds of winning a lottery can be explained through combinatorics, which is a branch of mathematics dealing with counting, combinations, and permutations. In this case, we are dealing with combinations.

The formula for combinations is given by:

Formula for combinations


  • n! (n factorial) is the product of all positive integers up to n.
  • k! (k factorial) is the product of all positive integers up to k.

In the context of a lottery, let's break down the terms:

  • n is the total number of possible numbers in the lottery pool.
  • k is the number of numbers you choose for a single ticket.

In the case of Singapore Pools, there are typically 49 numbers to choose from, and you might need to choose 6 numbers for a ticket.

So, for the lottery, you would calculate the number of ways you can choose 6 numbers out of 49:

Number of ways

This calculation gives the total number of different combinations of 6 numbers that can be chosen from a pool of 49. The result is 13,983,816, which represents the total number of possible combinations of 6 numbers out of 49.

In other words, the odds of winning the jackpot in TOTO are about 1 in 14 million. To be precise, 13,983,816.

Strategies for TOTO: Mathematical Comments

System Entries

Advice: TOTO allows participants to make System Entries, where they can purchase various combinations of numbers. This can significantly increase your chances of winning, especially if you opt for a System Entry with more numbers. Explore different System Entries like System 7, System 8, and so on. The more numbers you choose, the more combinations you'll have on your ticket.

Comment: From a mathematical standpoint, purchasing a System Entry with more numbers indeed increases the number of combinations on your ticket. This improves your chances of winning, but it's essential to note that the cost of playing also increases with more numbers.

Group TOTO and iTOTO

Advice: Group TOTO and iTOTO offer unique ways to play. In Group TOTO, a participant's entry is divided into units, increasing the chances of winning smaller prizes. iTOTO allows individual participation in a System Entry. Players can purchase a specific number of units, and prizes are divided equally among the units.

Comment: Group TOTO's division of entries into units can be seen as a strategy to increase the likelihood of winning smaller prizes. However, this doesn't alter the overall probability of winning the Jackpot. iTOTO's option for individual participation in a System Entry provides flexibility, but again, the probability of winning remains dependent on chance.

"Snowballing" and "Cascading"

Advice: TOTO incorporates the concepts of "snowballing" and "cascading." If the Jackpot or certain prizes aren't won, the prize amount accumulates for the next draw. Understanding these mechanisms can help you strategize your entries based on the current prize pool and potential accumulations.

Comment: Understanding these concepts can be helpful, especially when deciding whether to participate in a particular draw. The accumulated prize amount might make it more attractive, but it doesn't change the fundamental probability of winning.

Minimum Guaranteed Amount

Advice: Take advantage of the Minimum Guaranteed Amount for the Jackpot Prize. If the prize amount is less than the minimum, the company increases it to meet the guarantee.

Comment: This tip is straightforward from a mathematical perspective. If the minimum guaranteed amount for the Jackpot is higher than the current prize, it could be more enticing to play as the potential return on investment is higher.

Official Information and Prize Pool:

Advice: Regularly check the official information released by Singapore Pools. This ensures you're aware of the latest results, including prize amounts for each draw. Be aware of the Prize Pool, as it affects the distribution of prizes. Fifty-four percent of the net stake collection forms the Prize Pool.

Comment: Staying informed about the latest results and prize amounts is more about making informed decisions rather than changing the probability of winning. Knowing the Prize Pool is crucial for understanding the potential prize distribution.

Consecutive Draws

Advice: Consider participating in consecutive draws, as permitted by the company. This provides more opportunities to win, and the same set of numbers can be used for multiple draws.

Comment: Participating in consecutive draws with the same set of numbers doesn't change the probability of winning per draw. However, it provides more opportunities to win over multiple draws.


While understanding the rules and exploring different play modes can add excitement to the experience, it's important to emphasize that no strategy can guarantee a win in a game of chance like TOTO.