Online Roulette in Singapore

Online Roulette faithfully replicates the traditional casino version, with a virtual wheel and a digital betting table. The objective remains the same: predict where the ball will land once the wheel comes to a halt. Roulette is typically played with a wheel containing 36 numbered pockets (plus a 0 or 00 pocket in American roulette) and a corresponding betting layout.

Roulette games are available in almost all online casinos that accept players from Singapore, and most of them are played in a live dealer environment. Read on to learn more about online Roulette rules, payouts, strategy and tips, but first, let me present you the list of top Singapore casinos for Roulette.

Best Singapore Casinos for Online Roulette


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SGD 1,500

How to Play Roulette Online

Whether you choose an RNG version with a virtual wheel or live casino Roulette with live dealers, the rules and payouts are pretty much the same. The great thing for Roulette players from Singapore is that almost every single online Roulette game at SG online casinos features a single-zero wheel, meaning that house edge is the lowest it can be. Without further ado, let me dig into the online Roulette rules and step by step guide for beginners.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Select a reputable SG online casino.
  2. Make a deposit and claim the welcome bonus.
  3. Visit Casino or Live Casino in the top menu.
  4. Make sure to play a single-zero Roulette.
  5. Select a chip size and place the chips on the bets of choice.
  6. The dealer or computer will spin the ball and it will land on one of 37 wheel pockets.
  7. If one or more of your bets have won, a payout will be awarded.
  8. Wait for Place Your Bets sign to reappear and you can place new wagers.

Bet Types and Payouts

Roulette is a game of chance, but one of the reasons why it is so appealing is that it offers players endless betting opportunities. It is important to note though that all bet types have the same house edge, so it is up to you to decide whether to chase frequent wins with lower payouts or hope for big wins less frequently.

The most important thing here is to always play European or French Roulette. Due to a single zero pocket, these games have a 2.70% house edge. On the other hand, featuring single zero and double zero pockets, American Roulette has a house advantage of 5.26%.

Bet Type Winning Pockets Payout Winning Odds
Straight Up Single number 35:1 2.70%
Split Two numbers 17:1 5.40%
Street Three numbers 11:1 8.10%
Corner Four numbers 8:1 10.81%
Line Six numbers 5:1 16.21%
Column Line of 12 numbers 2:1 32.43%
Dozen 1-12/13-24/25-36 2:1 32.43%
Red/Black Red/Black numbers 1:1 48.65%
Even/Odd Even/Odd numbers 1:1 48.65%
Low 1-18 1:1 48.65%
High 19-36 1:1 48.65%

Having presented the most popular Inside and Outside bets, we’ll now proceed to Neighbour bets, predominantly used by more experienced players.

These have been designed to cover certain sections of the wheel, meaning you can try and predict the section where the ball will land instead of just one or a few numbers.

  • Tiers du Cylindre (12 pockets): covers numbers 27, 33 and all the numbers that lie between them.
  • Voisins du Zero (17 pockets): covers numbers 22, 25 and all the numbers that lie between them on the side that contains zero.
  • Orphelins a Cheval (8 pockets): covers pockets with numbers 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 6, 34, and 17.
  • Jeu Zero (7 pockets): covers pockets with numbers 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15.
Roulette sections

Most Popular Roulette Games and Providers in Singapore

Online Roulette games with a virtual wheel operated by a Random Number Generator are not so easy to find at Singapore online casinos, but a few titles I was able to hunt down are located within the live casino lobbies.

RNG Online Roulette

Evolution’s highly popular First Person Roulette is one of those, featuring stunning visuals and giving players a chance to switch to live dealer Roulette with a single click of a button.

Auto-Roulette is another RNG game from the same provider you can enjoy if you are not a fan of the live casino environment. Auto Lightning Roulette, Speed Auto Roulette, and Auto-Roulette VIP are other variants available in the Evolution lobby.

Gravity Auto Roulette and Auto Roulette from BETER Live are two more options, whiel BBIN’s Blockchain Roulette is at your disposal if you prefer to fund your casino accounts and place your bets in crypto.

  • First Person Roulette (Evolution)
  • Auto-Roulette (Evolution)
  • Auto-Roulette VIP (Evolution)
  • Auto Lightning Roulette (Evolution)
  • Speed Auto-Roulette (Evolution)
  • Auto-Roulette La Partage (Evolution)
  • Auto Roulette (BETER Live)
  • Gravity Auto Roulette (BETER Live)
  • Blockchain Roulette (BBIN)
  • Auto Roulette (AE Sexy)

Live Casino Roulette

Live online Roulette is clearly not as popular in Singapore as Baccarat or online slots, but most live dealer providers powering SG casinos online offer at least a couple of versions of the popular game.


As one of the world’s largest and most successful online gaming companies, Evolution holds an important position on the Singapore live casino scene. Lightning Roulette and XXXtreme Lightning Roulette seem to be their most popular live dealer games in Singapore, while novelty versions Red Door Roulette and Gold Vault Roulette are also worth the mention. You can find more interesting titles below.

Roulette Grand Casino Roulette
Lightning Roulette American Roulette
Immersive Roulette Double Ball Roulette
Instant Roulette Salon Privé Roulette
Red Door Roulette Casino Malta Roulette
Gold Vault Roulette Emperor Roulette
Speed Roulette XXXtreme Lightning Roulette
French Roulette Gold Football Studio Roulette
VIP Roulette Hippodrome Grand Casino Roulette

AE Sexy

AE Sexy offers a single live dealer Roulette game, operated by their attractive female dealers, and this is a pretty standard version of the game. You can choose from three table limits, place inside, outside and neighbour bets, while having access to extensive Statistics widget, which shows hot and cold numbers, past winning numbers and current percentages of 1:1 bets.

  • Sexy Roulette

SA Gaming

SA Gaming is a well-known provider of live dealer games for the Asian market and it is present in quite a few Singapore online casinos. There are two games to choose from in the SA Gaming live dealer lobby. The games are basically the same, but while M Roulette features fully clothed dealers in a calm and classy environment, C Roulette has sexy dealers in bikinis running the show, spinning the wheel and dancing to the music.

  • M Roulette
  • C Roulette

Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming has a couple of things that help them stand out of the competition, and I was especially impressed by the classy live dealer environment, sophisticated dealers and very relaxing music in their lobby. The games currently on offer are Crown Roulette, Flagship Roulette and Global Roulette, each coming with plenty of bet types, roadmap and extensive statistics sections.

  • Crown Roulette
  • Flagship Roulette
  • Global Roulette

Yeebet Live

Yeebet Gaming is an up-and-coming live dealer provider that offers a dozen Roulette games in addition to other game types, but I will focus here on their titles created specifically for Singapore players. Those are Black Roulette and Bright Roulette, games very similar to each other with only some minor differences. Both seem to be streamed from a live casino studio even though you can’t see the croupiers, they offer three different table limits and have some great music playing in the background.

  • Black Roulette
  • Bright Roulette
  • Galaxy Roulette
  • Turkish Roulette
  • Widow Roulette
  • Royal Roulette
  • Immortal Roulette
  • White Roulette

WM Casino

WM Casino is a well-known Asian live dealer provider, mostly famous for the impressive array of Baccarat games, but they do have one Roulette game in their live casino lobby. The game has classy female dealers operating the wheel and a very relaxing music playing in the background. All the standard bet types and statistics features are supported, while I was also happy to see some less famous bet types such as Red Split, Black Splits, 007, Snake Bet, Black Diamond, and Bomb Bet.

  • Roulette

Depending on the SG casino you play at, you will also come across the likes of Ezugi, Ho Gaming, Pragmatic Play, World Entertainment, Better Live, and BBIN, all of whom have at least one Roulette game in their lobbies.

Strategy & Tips for Playing Online Roulette in Singapore

As Online Roulette is a game of chance, finding the perfect strategy to improve your winning chances is no easy task. I’m sure while some of you prefer placing inside bets that offer higher payouts but low probability, others will turn to outside bets and more frequent wins with smaller payouts.

The most popular Roulette strategies are quite risky, and, therefore, need to be utilised with great caution, but some of them do offer the possibility of turning a nice profit. Let me present you the three most famous strategies for playing Roulette online.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

Seeing that it can be applied to just about any casino game as well as sports betting, Martingale system is incredibly popular among gamblers everywhere. The strategy itself is quite simple and here is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose the starting bet size (SGD1 for example) and one betting type.
  2. Place your bet and wait for the outcome.
  3. If your bet wins, you place a new bet with the same starting bet size.
  4. If it loses, you place a new bet, doubling your stake.
  5. Next time the bet wins, you revert to the starting bet size.
  6. Once you are happy with your profit, you can stop playing and request a withdrawal.

The essence of Martingale is that you keep doubling your bets until the winning round, after which you revert to the starting stake. Obviously, you need to be careful when choosing your starting stake as doubling down a number of times in a row can seriously hurt your bankroll and potentially break the bank.

Starting with SGD1 stake and having 7 losing bets in a row will mean you are already SGD127 down and needing to place a SGD128 bet in the next round in order to continue. Therefore, this one is not for the light hearted.

As for choosing which bets to play, you should stick to outside bets with 1:1 payout, or, if you are a risk-taker, play Column or Dozen with 2:1 payouts.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

D’Alembert is a negative progression system and it is the opposite of Martingale, but also quite popular among Roulette enthusiasts everywhere. It is also less risky than its counterpart and here are the main rules:

  1. Choose your starting stake (SGD 5 for example) and your preferred bet.
  2. If your first bet wins, you should decrease your next wager by SGD1 (to SGD4).
  3. If your first bet loses, you should increase your next wager by SGD1 (to SGD6).

It is simple as that. This strategy is designed to help you play for longer without major losses, and it can at times lead to small profit. When it comes to bet types you can place, this strategy gives you more freedom due to a seriously decreased risk of striking out.

In addition to outside bets with low payouts, such as Dozen or Column, you can go crazy with Line and Corner bets. However, if you opt for one of these two, a larger starting wager may be required due to a realistic possibility of going 5-10 spins without a win.

Paroli Roulette Strategy

Paroli is another interesting betting system that involves doubling your bets, but it is much more sensible than Martingale. As such, it can be a pretty good option for beginners and those with smaller bankrolls. Here is how it works:

  1. Choose your starting stake (SGD1 for example) and bet type.
  2. If your bet loses, the stake remains the same.
  3. If your bet wins, you need to double your next bet.
  4. If you win three bets in a row, you go back to the starting stake (SGD1) for the next wager.

This is quite an interesting strategy where you double after a win, but not more than three times in a row, and this helps keep your bankroll safe from big losses. I would recommend only playing 1:1 payout outside bets when following the Paroli strategy as it gives you a better chance of landing a few wins in a row.

Author: Nemanja Lazarevic
Updated: 8 June 2024